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Sailing in Pattaya Thailand

Sailing in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is on the eastern seaboard of the Thai Gulf. This large and vibrant city is so named for its wind. Ranging from 8 to 20 knots throughout the high season its a really perfect place to start a sailing adventure of the Thai Gulf. Ocean Marina is just 5 kms south of Pattaya City and perfectly positioned for day sails to the numerous islands just off the cost. many of these islands are virtually untouched is they are inside the Thai Royal Navys protection zone. This means that for the most part they are free from mainstream tourism, however the occasional inquisitive day sailor is completely allowed making these islands so special.

But the islands in Pattaya’s archipelago are just the tip of the iceberg, on overnight excursions the entire north Thai Gulf is up for grabs. Sattahip is a little visited coastline with uninhabited tropical islands, vibrant coral and seas teeming with fish. One of Thailand’s biggest fishing villages has its home right here. The area has great dive spots with dives for all levels. The fishing is the best on the eastern seaboard and water clarity is second to none. Just another couple of hours sale brings you to the wonderful Island Koh Samet, a real favorite for a Bangkok weekend getaway. Here you’ll find hundreds of sea food restaurants and bars with resorts ranging from 2 to 5 stars. Its numerous beaches are spectacular and the nightlife is chilled and fun.

If you have 5 days or more Koh Chang now becomes a destination with its group of incredible idyllic islands. Here you will have the feeling of being in a far away tropical paradise all of your own. I can honestly say that some of the beaches in this archipelago are literally breath taking. If you like total peace and serenity this is the place for you.

So check out Pattaya and the eastern seaboard for a magical surprise that rivals the best Phuket has to offer and at a fraction of the costs too.