Koh Sak

Pattaya's closest Island

Koh Sak is the closest island to Pattaya, surrounded by coral reefs and a bay that is well protected from the prevailing winds. Koh Sak is a perfect place to unwind beneath soft swaying palms on the beautiful beach, or visitors may choose to swim or snorkel in these picturesque surroundings. The waters are calm and clear and perfect for swimming in and the island's largest seashore, which runs in a half moon shape across the northern tip of the island, provides a calm inlet with shallow warm water. There are numerous dive sites around the island, some consisting of soft corals and hydroids on a flat sandy bottom and is home to numerous colonies of Sea Horses, Pipe Fish and Dragon Fish.

The surrounding dive sites slope gently downwards from six feet to colorful coral gardens. Ko Sak's shallower reef formations are mostly stony corals, tiered staghorn and boulder bommies. Snorkelers should see small forests of soft whip corals and sea fans growing around the rocky outcrops and small barrel sponges or mushroom corals. The only downside to Koh Sak, similar to Koh Larn is because of its close proximity to mainland Pattaya the island can therefore be incredibly busy especially in tourist high season.