Koh Rin Island

A Spectacular Beach As Well As A Snorkeling Paradise!

This islands sole beach is simply spectacular with 800 meters of sumptuous white powdery sand and crystal clear waters. The beach width changes dramatically at high and low tide which means that just after a few steps you are free swimming amongst its tropical fish. At low tide the fish are literally swimming beneath your feet. At low tide it is recommended that relevant foot ware be worn due to coral close to the beach.

The width of the beach is totally dependent upon the tide, however at any given time it is spectacular! High tide is the best time for swimming here and there is no better way to cool down than a swim or a snorkel. Because the beach has a significant drop-off it means at high tide you are waist deep in water after only a few steps and at low tide the white sandy beach increases dramatically in size as the water recedes.

During low tide you can literally see the tropical fish swimming as you sit on the beach enjoying a cold drink, although you should be aware that swimming directly from the beach at low tide is more difficult as the water recedes towards the sharp coral.

To the north and south of the island are two mini islands surrounded by coral, snorkeling here is a must but with strong currents care must be taken by swimmers, Koh Rin's sand bar is a safer place for less strong swimmers. You can expect to see fish such as barracudas, trevally, jacks, harlequin sweetlips, snappers, squirrel fish and lion fish.
Lay back and enjoy a cold drink on this tranquil island.