Koh Phai / Bamboo Island

Paradise Beaches And A Snorkeling Heaven

Koh Phai is a deserted island approximately 20 km west of Pattaya. Being 4 km long and 1.4 km wide it is the biggest of all Pattaya's islands. Other than a small Light house this island has no permanent structures at all.

This beautiful Island is Navy owned and protected, and several Navy personnel take care of its fabulous white sand beaches. While Koh Phai is open to the public, there is a small fee per person if you wish to spend an afternoon relaxing on one of its immaculate beaches.

The eastern side of the island is particularly good for snorkeling with its shallow crystal clear waters. Ranging from 4 – 8 meters in depth the coral, tropical fish and the occasional sea horse common to this area can be seen in all their glory. Although this island is increasing in popularity you can trust Pattaya Yacht Charters to guild you to some of its quieter more secluded bays.