Pattaya Sea Kayaking

Happy Paddling!

Kayaking Pattaya's numberous island coves and bays is not only a great way to get more intimate with its sea life but toping up the tan and loosing some of those extra pounds eating Pattaya's world famous exquisite sea food makes this activity a must.

Our kayaks are all high quality and our staff are more than willing to show you how to get the best out of your experience. At Sai Kaew Beach you can enjoy calm flat waters with excellent views of the surrounding area. Do not worry if you are a complete novice, after only a few minutes of a safety briefing and instruction on how to control your Sea Kayak you will be ready to paddle on and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Sea Kayaking is only available on certain yachts that have a kayaks onboard and not as stand-alone activity.

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