Koh Man Wichai

A Secluded Haven - And a Spectacular Dive Site!

There are three excellent sandy coves to explore on this small island, two on the east and one larger one on the west. You will have a feeling of privacy on any one of its beaches and it's a favourite site for our beach barbeques.

The crystal clear waters surrounding the island along with its vibrant coral reefs make Koh Man Wichai an excellent snorkeling location. This Island has two interesting dive sites which are known as 'The Wall' and 'The Fingers':

Koh Man Wichai has a good source of coral and tropical fish great for snorkeling. There are also two interesting dive sites, "the wall" which has depths of 9 to 25 meters and "The Finger" so named for its resemblance to a human hand, with coral at a relatively shallow depth this area is also good for snorkelers too.

You will find hard coral and an abundance of marine life here which makes for a very pleasurable dive. As 'The Fingers' are situated in fairly shallow water you can enjoy the coral and marine life simply by snorkeling on the surface.