Sai Kaew Beach

A Pristine Thai Royal Naval Beach Which Is Located On The main land Opposite Koh Khram Island.

This stunning bay is kept to a high level of cleanliness by the personel of the Royal thai Navy. Visitors are welcome at a small fee (non applicable to customers of Pattaya Yacht Charters.) Its situated on the main land in the Satahip region about 30 minutes south of Pattaya. There are many Thai restaurants offering a variety of authentic Thai cuisine.

A favourite for Thai nationals Sai Kaew has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with no street venders to disturb your day, with palm trees dotted along the 1 km sandy shore this is the place to go exploring or just relaxing.

Snorkeling is also possible here, however, this activity is best done on one of the islands where the visibility is generally excellent. There are also sea kayaks available for rent, and this activity is undoubtedly the best way to get a suntan and burn a few calories!