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Boat Trips To Islands In Pattaya

Boat Trips To Islands In Pattaya

The islands of the coast of Pattaya provide abundant opportunities to experience island environments without taking a lengthy trip from the coast of the city. Pattaya offers boat trips that take visitors to the islands of Koh Larn, Koh Krok, Koh Sak, Koh Phai, and Koh Si Chang. Boat trips to the islands are convenient and easily arranged.

Koh Larn offers clear waters and sandy beaches at a distance of only 7.5 meters from Pattaya. It also offers undersea marine life that is great for those who are interested in the life that lies under the surface of the water. There are several beaches on the island, all of which have some differences between each other yet providing with the activities that are available for recreation.

Koh Krok is a small island with a 100-meter long beach and provides snorkelers with a fantastic site for the activity. The island lacks accommodation of any sort, but it provides a quiet and relaxing environment outside of the city.

The island of Koh Sak is a horseshoe-shaped island with 2 connecting beaches, one of 250 meters in length and the other 60 meters long. Like Koh Krok, it’s great area for snorkeling and the longer beach provides an ideal swimming environment.

Somewhat unique is Kho Phai, as it’s actually a group of islands with the largest being Kho Phai. The environment of the islands is pristine and as there is no accommodation or facilities available, visitors to the island are required to bring their own items and are not allowed to stay overnight. However, because of this the swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing are all in surroundings that are natural and pleasant.

Perhaps the island with the most offerings to visitors is Koh Si Chang. Besides beaches it offers sightseeing of the Rama V built Chudhaduj Palace, the pagoda and prayer hall of Wat Assadang Nimit, Yellow Buddha, and the Holy Footprint. The island also offers scenic beauty and opportunities for water recreation that includes fishing.

Boat trips to any and all of these islands can be arranged through Pattaya Yacht Charters. It’s a great opportunity that can create fantastic memories for families and create unique experiences. Best of all, the islands are not far from each other nor are they far from the coast of Pattaya so multiple islands can be visited and experienced, or for long term residents of Pattaya it allows for various day trip opportunities.