Koh Khram Noi

Beautiful Island in the Archipelago

Koh Khram Noi is situated north of the much larger Koh Khram Yai. This stunning small island of tranquility is host to crystal clear blue waters and an incredible white sand beach on its southern tip surrounded by the sea on both sides of the narrow beach where you really get that Castaway Robinson Crusoe desert island feeling. There is no beach like it in the Pattaya Archipelago and in fact the unique shape of this beach is very rare in all of Thailand. This tranquil Island beach is perfect for relaxing and listening to the sea lapping the island’s shores.

With an elevation of 27 meters, Koh Khram Noi has fantastic views of the other local islands in the archipelago and the main land itself. Just off the Northern tip of the island there is a fantastic fishing spot where larger fish such as Barracuda, Cobia and Groupers can be caught. To the West of the island offers very calm clear waters perfect for snorkeling. The beach that extends from the South to the East of the Island offers shade by the tropical vegetation and here there is also calm snorkeling conditions where many small yellow tailed rabbit fish can easily be spotted.