Farther Afield

Koh Si Chang – Rich In History!

Koh Si Chang is an 8 square km Island which is located 12km from its nearest mainland shore. This is the town of Sri Racha which is 30km North of Pattaya.

This quiet island has around 5,000 permanent residents, and really is a fascinating Island that is exceedingly rich in history. There are some wonderful temples to explore as well as the remains of a Royal Palace which was abandoned in 1893 after the French occupied the Island during a conflict with Thailand over control of neighbouring Laos.

It has to be said that Koh Si Chang is not blessed with beaches as spectacular as you will find at Koh Samet or Koh Chang, but the tropical Island is fascinating in its own right. There are some fabulous hillside coastal walks, and when it comes to water-sports you will find that sea kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and fishing are all excellent here.

The seafood restaurants serve the freshest of food at very reasonable local prices. Although Koh Si Chang is fairly popular with Thai tourists there are not so many westerners who visit. What this means to you is that it is a great opportunity to experience real local Thai culture.

Koh Samae San – 5 Beaches – 1 Island!

Koh Samae San is approximately 40km's south of Pattaya. There are five beaches which are hidden amid the steep mountains. Of these beaches, Hat Luk Lom is the most beautiful. It has amazing white, soft powdery sand which is reminiscent of the splendid beaches to be found at Koh Phi Phi in the Andaman Sea. When you set eyes on this soft sand and crystal clear blue sea you will find it hard to believe that you are only 40km away from Pattaya!

Around Koh Samae San there are a collection of Islands whose waters are perfect for Scuba Diving. You will find soft and hard corals in abundance along with plentiful marine life. The Island is a turtle conservation area, and it is not uncommon to see turtles whilst Scuba Diving. There are also some interesting fish that frequent the area such as Yellowtail Fusiliers, Barracudas, Blue Spotted Stingrays, Moray Eels, Angel and Butterfly Fish.

The Koh Samae San archipelago is also home to the Harddeep shipwreck. This wreck lies on its starboard side at a depth of around 25 meters. It is a fascinating dive for advanced qualified divers.

There are not many facilities on the Island itself. You will find only a shelter, deck chairs and the breathtaking beach, but these are more than adequate for your brief stay on this truly beautiful Island!

Koh Samet – A Vibrant Yet Relaxed Island!

Located 85km south of Pattaya, Koh Samet can easily be reached in a quality boat. This beautiful Island is only a few hours cruise away, and is an ideal destination for a 3 day boat charter. This Island is a real sun, sand and sea haven. Interestingly, Koh Samet's fascinating micro-climate makes it the driest area in the whole of Thailand.

It is a long and narrow shaped Island which covers an area of just 13 square km, and is encompassed with stunning white sand beaches, clear waters and tropical jungle. You will find a range of quality hotels and fabulous restaurants on this small Island.

Koh Samet has a vibrant, yet relaxed nightlife with several beach bars offering nightly beach parties. Although it is developed with modern luxury hotels, spas and excellent restaurants, you will not find a single paved road on the entire Island. This helps to retain the wonderful atmosphere and desert island feeling of this fantastic place.

The best way to get around the Island is simply by walking, but for the more adventurous there are mountain bikes, ATV's and scooters with knobby tires available to rent from several vendors.

Koh Chang – Possibly The Most Beautiful Island In Thailand!

Koh Chang translates into English as "Elephant Island". It is Thailand's second largest island. You will find many other smaller islands surrounding Koh Chang itself which make up the Koh Chang archipelago. This whole area is so incredibly beautiful that it has been declared a Thailand National Marine Park.

Within the 650 square kilometer Marine Park there are 52 islands of which most are deserted. The abundance of coral reefs and the clear waters not surprisingly make this National Marine Park a world class Scuba Diving destination.

Koh Chang itself has around 5,000 permanent residents. As a tourist destination it is growing in popularity amongst those who are looking for a perfect 'beach holiday'. The Island's circumference is dotted with white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters lapping the shores. Its best beaches are located on the western side, and this is where most of the hotels are situated. You will find the interior has inland waterfalls and is a tropical jungle. As Koh Chang is still relatively quiet and undeveloped, these factors probably make it Thailand's most beautiful Island.

It is only 260km south of Pattaya City and traveling there by sea can easily be achieved in one of our quality boats. You will not find a better way to explore this fascinating marine park than on a multiple day boat charter. Here at Pattaya Yacht Charters we have the perfect vessel for exploring the Koh Chang National Marine Park, and this is our Mabilia Motor Yacht.