Azimut 46 (Sea Crown)

Motor Cruisers

About the Boat

Pattaya Yacht Charters are extremely proud to bring you the ‘Azimut 46’, she is an outstanding motor cruiser, built to a standard that far exceeds expectation. When you embark on this remarkable vessel, you are immediately drawn to her charm and luxurious feel. This yacht is one of the finest examples of what our clients are looking for in a professional yacht charter experience. The living area is very spacious and comfortable and the cabins are efficiently arranged to maximise usable space, while bringing you the best comfort available.The ‘Azimut 46’  is very well appointed, with generous seating and well positioned windows.

This yacht represents everything your heart desires in the pursuit of that perfect romantic day with a loved one, or maybe an important corporate business charter with a special client, from family days to business, this yacht is a perfect choice to help you unwind and enjoy your guests' company to the full. With its welcoming ambience and homely feel, the ‘Azimut 46’ is a truly inviting yacht on which to spend your time. This super smooth motor cruiser will take you on your way in effortless style and luxury, her crew are professional and experienced and are happy to take care of your every need.

On board, there is a wealth of equipment for you to enjoy, we cater for activities such as fishing, snorkeling and this particular yacht comes equipped with a ‘Sea Scooter’ to add a little drive to your underwater adventure. If that isn’t enough and you are looking for more thrills, we also have a state-of-the-art 155 horsepower SeaDoo jetski available, which is guaranteed to provide pure exhilaration to your professional yacht charter experience.

  • Yacht rental fee
  • All Diesel and Gasoline Fuel
  • Fully trained professional Captain
  • Deckhands and fluent English speaking Steward/ess, crew food/ drinks and salaries
  • Quality snorkelling and fun fishing equipment and other water toys depending on your chosen yacht

Exterior Photos

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Interior Photos

azimut-46 Interior Pictures 1
azimut-46 Interior Pictures 2
azimut-46 Interior Pictures 3
azimut-46 Interior Pictures 4
azimut-46 Interior Pictures 5
azimut-46 Interior Pictures 6

Other Photos

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azimut-46 Other Pictures 3
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