AA S Seat 40 (Archipelago Adventurer)


About the Boat

Pattaya Yacht Charters are pleased to introduce to you the fastest and most luxurious commercial speedboat available for private charter in Pattaya Thailand. The speedboat is appropriately named ‘Archipelago Adventurer’ as she is the best vessel to discover the hidden island gems in the several islands that make up the Pattaya archipelago. Unlike our other slower vessels such as our motor yachts when chartering Archipelago Adventurer you can see and visit many more beaches and destinations in one day due to the incredible speed she travels at whilst cutting through the water. Powered by twin 300 HP Mercury Verado four stroke engines delivering a total of 600 HP she can reach a top speed in excess of 40 knots and comfortably cruises at 28 knots. AA is so fast that she opens up the horizons of further away destinations for a day charter such as the stunning Samaesan Archipelago. She can even cross the channel and reach Hua Hin in just 2 and a half hours. The magical island of Koh Samet is also achievable within this short time frame.

Built by Thailand’s leading boat manufacturer Seat Boat Co ., ltd she was delivered to Pattaya Yacht Charters brand new at a cost of 4 million Thai Baht in May 2016. She features incredibly comfortable wide leather sofa seats with cozy booth style seating arrangements that are so much better than the unfriendly standard speedboat seating arrangements found upon 99% of other commercial speedboat vessels.

The large bathroom with electric marine toilet and sink encompases 6 foot headroom which is most welcomed by larger passengers.The rear transom freshwater shower is great to rinse the salt water off after your swim at your deserted island bay. The aft starboard oversized swim ladder is boarded by opening a door in the hull allowing very easy embarking and disembarking of the speedboat. This feature is also most welcomed by Scuba Divers and AA has the ability to carry up to 36 dive tanks stowed away in clever under seat compartments for those VIP Scuba Diving excursions. There is also a fantastic Fusion Marine sound system that is compatible with I pods, mobile phones and USB’s so please feel free to bring along your favourite tunes or enjoy our own large music collection upon the PYC IPod. Garmin GPS, marine radio and all the other gadgets you would expect from a luxury vessel are onboard.

Archipelago Adventurer is the perfect vessel for small families up to large groups who want to travel in style and comfort whilst getting to the best spots fast so you can spend more time actually enjoying the idyllic destination rather than travelling to it. Infact upon Archipelago Adventurer you can enjoy more destinations in a four hour charter than you can in eight hours upon most of our other luxurious vessels.

  • Yacht rental fee
  • All Diesel and Gasoline Fuel
  • Fully trained professional Captain
  • Deckhands and fluent English speaking Steward/ess, crew food/ drinks and salaries
  • Quality snorkelling and fun fishing equipment and other water toys depending on your chosen yacht

Exterior Photos

AA-s-seat-40 Exterior Pictures 1
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Interior Photos

AA-s-seat-40 Interior Pictures 1
AA-s-seat-40 Interior Pictures 2
AA-s-seat-40 Interior Pictures 3
AA-s-seat-40 Interior Pictures 4
AA-s-seat-40 Interior Pictures 5
AA-s-seat-40 Interior Pictures 6

Other Photos

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AA-s-seat-40 Other Pictures 2
AA-s-seat-40 Other Pictures 3
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