Lagoon 440

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About the Boat

The lagoon 440 is an internationally recognized catamaran with a long pedigree for being a stable luxurious large sailing cat. Fantastic for day charters or our awesome one week charter options she is a proven high standard luxury vessel where guests can let their hair down and relax in style. With beautiful shapes, lines and sails she offers so many stunning vantage points to take fantastic photos from.

Starting from the bow of the vessel you’ve greeted with one of its most sort after areas. Two large trampolines provide adequate lounging areas for all of your guests to simply relax and listen to the water as it glides by under their feet. Extra seating is on offer in front of the main viewing window with comfortable cushions, one of the best seating areas onboard.

Moving back to the center flybridge gives the captain a high sitting position with excellent views. This area is spacious with seats for guests to get a taste of the captain’s viewpoint. A large bimini provides comfortable shade for all.

To the rear of the yacht assess to the cockpit is gained via two aft stairways. This unique area has luxurious seating with comfortable cushions for 10 guests around a spacious table. A rear windbreaker completes the outdoor dining experience. Further back, two rear stairwells take you down to the rear deck with easy access to the ocean where guests can snorkel and swim.

alking inside to the saloon - guests are greeted with a wrap-around seating-lounge below panoramic 360-degree views of Pattaya’s tropical sun-drenched islands. Vertical forward-facing windows allow for ample headroom were ever you’re standing. The Lagoon 440 galley has ample cooking facilities with a cooktop grill - oven. A fridge freezer and microwave.

The portside hull is accessed by a winding stairwell, to the port stern, one of two staterooms presents itself. This comfortable cabin has a spacious high-quality bed and fresh clean sheets with ash-coloured storage and closet areas to stow your personal items. The forward cabin is also surprisingly spacious and well-appointed, both cabins come with a toilet, sink and shower. On the opposite side, another state cabin equally as luxurious as the first occupies the starboard stern with its own very spacious luxury shower room finished with mosaic tiling and a high-quality sink and toilet. Airconditioning is standard throughout the vessel ensuring Thailand’s tropical evenings never become uncomfortable.

In conclusion, the Lagoon 440 is a delightful yacht to sail the Thai Gulf and its magnificent islands.

  • Yacht rental fee
  • All Diesel and Gasoline Fuel
  • Fully trained professional Captain
  • Deckhands and fluent English speaking Steward/ess, crew food/ drinks and salaries
  • Quality snorkelling and fun fishing equipment and other water toys depending on your chosen yacht

Exterior Photos

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Interior Photos

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Other Photos

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