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The Icebreaker is a fantastic day charter yacht for friends and family and also a perfect vessel to hold all types of parties and events. The flybridge really is impressive and spacious with a comfortable and versatile seating arrangement, gigantic BBQ and alfresco Bar. There is also a DJ area and teak dance floor.

For small groups, it's possible to have a perfect meal around a twelve-person flybridge dining table which is hard to find on most yachts. The upper deck offers 360 degrees view and there is always a nice windy breeze up there that keeps you cool as you relax aboard.

The Icebreaker is also a great party boat with an entire yacht Fusion marine sound system. The yacht was specifically designed for private charters and even with 50 passengers, there is no feeling of being cramped with her being 60 feet in length and seriously wide with a huge 18’4” beam. Although not the quickest of vessels the Icebreaker is a very stable yacht built for far choppier seas than those in the calm Pattaya archipelago.

The Icebreaker is the perfect vessel for all sorts of parties, corporate events and friends and family get-togethers. The Icebreaker is such a popular and unique charter yacht that we have dedicated an entire website specifically to her at

  • Yacht rental fee
  • All Diesel and Gasoline Fuel
  • Fully trained professional Captain
  • Deckhands and fluent English speaking Steward/ess, crew food/ drinks and salaries
  • Quality snorkelling and fun fishing equipment and other water toys depending on your chosen yacht

Exterior Photos

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