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Spearfishing in Pattaya

Spearfishing in Pattaya

Try Some Freedive Spearfishing Around The Beautiful Islands Of Pattaya!

This exhilarating sport is not only a challenge, it’s also the most environmentally friendly forms of fishing there is due to no bait being needed. After a short safety briefing and preliminary training you’ll be off on an underwater hunting adventure.

Princess Benedicte carries a maximum of 8 passengers and the captain has years of spear fishing experience, on your day you will learn:

  • How to load the gun in the water.
  • Which fish can be shot and which can’t.
  • Swim with your spear-gun in a safe manner once it has been loaded.
  • Handle and dispatch a fish once it’s been shot.
  • Shoot responsibly so as not to harm coral. Preservation of all coral reefs is essential!

As ever, with Pattaya Yacht Charters you will find all of our equipment to be first class. We offer Mares Snorkel and Masks, a variety of fin sizes, weight belts, and a range of spear-guns from reputable brands such as Picasso and Beauchat.