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Private Boat Charter VS Join IN Tours

Private Boat Charter VS Join IN Tours

Lots of companies offer what’s known as a join in tour, its a great way to see the islands at an affordable price, however you are likely to be crammed into an over crowded boat.  If you are in a group you might want to look into the costs of a private charter. When you do the maths in some cases it can be even cheaper than joining a crowd of people you may or may not get along with. Even if you are simply a couple there are still many reasons as to choose a private charter over a join in tour.

Take a look at these five reasons for choosing a private charter.

  1. On a private charter the vessel is yours for the day, there are no schedules to follow and no set destination. Weather and sea conditions change at the drop of a hat. What was once a tranquil bay could very easily become a choppy uncomfortable place. On private charters we take this into consideration before choosing the perfect place to anchor.
  2. People like different things and activities, for some a spot of fishing is just what the doctor ordered and for others it’s like watching paint dry, when you’re with friends and family you can plan the day just the way you like it.
  3. On a private charter you call the shots, choose the island you really want to visit, spend as much time there as you desire then when you’re good and ready consider your next tropical deserted island.
  4. For some a full day in the sun is too much for others it’s not enough. Choose from a 4 hour run to the islands on a super fast luxury speed boat or even a 2 week island  hopping adventure to unheard of places.
  5. Make the boat your own, go where you like, do what you like in total luxury.

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