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Digitally Awesome customer appraisal Pattaya Yacht

Digitally Awesome customer appraisal Pattaya Yacht Charters

Pattaya Yacht Charters first employed the services of Digitally Awesome in 2011. Our luxury yacht charter company was just getting off the ground with some key charter vessels and a simple website. It was slow going but we could see the potential for long-term growth. 

30 per cent of our initial charters were gained by word of mouth and walk-ins. Another 60 per cent through agents and physical advertising with only 10 per cent from online booking through our site. We heard about Digitally Awesome from one of our clients and decided to give them a call. That day changed our business forever. 

Our initial meeting with their team was a huge learning experience but everything was explained in layman’s terms with all expectations laid out clearly. They went through the entire website and suggested changes to us before implementing anything. After going over the details and agreeing on changes we were presented with their new version of our site which was amazing. It had a totally revamped appearance, clean and simple but fully immersive with image transitions and video. It looked so much better than our competitor’s site. In the first month of going live, our online bookings were substantially increased. That trend has continued ever since and now we are proud to say that our direct online booking performance far exceeds any other form of marketing we do. We are subscribed to their continued management and maintenance package which we find to be very reasonably priced. Our return on investment far exceeds their costs. 

We hold their professionalism in high regard not only for our increased revenue but many other ways. Their monthly reports are easy to read and give us all the information we need to make changes to our business model. Their full transparency policy leaves nothing to guesswork and furthers our trust in their services. 

We now have a world-class online presence with a variety of social media outlets, affiliated sites, and blogs. We’ve come a long way since we started back then, and our competitors are left in our digital dust. 

We look forward to working with Digitally Awesome for the foreseeable future and wish them every success.