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Yacht Brokerage and Boat Sales

Yacht Brokerage and Boat Sales

Several of our ex charter boats are now available for sale. They have been used sparingly which is what every boat needs. A boat that sits in the water and doesn't get used is an unhealthy boat. If you leave a boat for any length of time you are sure to come back to find many new problems and maintenance issues when you decide to use her.

Therefore by chartering the boat once or twice a month here at Pattaya Yacht Charters we can keep on top of all the maintenance issues that may arise and keep a well oiled immaculate machine ready for the owners return to Thailand. We also create a welcome revenue for the owner which helps offset the large mooring and running fees of such luxury vessels.

All of our charter boats have been maintained to the highest standard and are constantly kept in pristine condition. Call us to discuss the details of our boats that we currently have for sale as no one knows these boats better than us and we can tell you every single little detail you may require.


For a wider range of boats for sale here in Pattaya Thailand please contact our brokerage partners Mark Walker at  or Nicole Van De Wall at


Bobbies Girl

27 Foot

Princess Benedicte

27 Foot



60 Foot


38 Foot

Prout 45S

45 Foot


52 Foot

Sailing Yachts

Wild Orchid

31 Foot

Fishing Boats


42 Foot


63 Foot

Party Boats

Tai Pan

144 Foot


67 Foot

Motor Cruisers

Green pearl

46 Foot

Celtic Boom

38 Foot


38 Foot

Motor Yachts

Scooby Doo

80 Foot

Super Yachts

Princess Lolanthe

149 Foot


96 Foot

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