Fishing Boats

Hino 53 (Nomporn)


Nomporn is a 53 foot Thai fishing vessel. The boat is not the most luxurious, but it is highly effective for what it is intended for – Deep Sea Fishing! The hull is specifically designed for fishing making her an extremely stable and comfortable fishing boat.

Obviously you will be on the boat for the entire day and possibly night, and therefore it is crucial to have a large comfortable vessel where you can easily stretch your legs as you wait for the heavenly sound of the reel as the fish takes your bait and runs!

Exterior Pictures

hino-53 Exterior Pictures 1
hino-53 Exterior Pictures 2
hino-53 Exterior Pictures 3
hino-53 Exterior Pictures 4
hino-53 Exterior Pictures 5
hino-53 Exterior Pictures 6

Interior Pictures

hino-53 Interior Pictures 1
hino-53 Interior Pictures 2
hino-53 Interior Pictures 3
hino-53 Interior Pictures 4
hino-53 Interior Pictures 5
hino-53 Interior Pictures 6

Other Pictures

hino-53 Other Pictures 1
hino-53 Other Pictures 2
hino-53 Other Pictures 3
hino-53 Other Pictures 4
hino-53 Other Pictures 5
hino-53 Other Pictures 6

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