Princess Benedicte


Princess Benedicte is a stunning custom built fiberglass Speedboat that is designed for traveling at high speed in complete comfort. The boat has a gorgeous front sun-deck which enables sun lovers to lie down and sunbathe at any time during the charter. It also has comfortable shaded seating for 6 and an elevated VIP double seated chair at the stern. The extensive features of the boat which are listed below make Princess Benedicte one of the most versatile boats in our entire fleet. The 250 HP Suzuki 4-Stroke engine is not only perfect for the calm shallow waters of the Pattaya archipelago it is also so quiet you will have trouble even hearing it. Relax and enjoy one of Pattaya Yacht Charters favourite vessels.

Exterior Pictures

princess-benedicte Exterior Pictures 1
princess-benedicte Exterior Pictures 2
princess-benedicte Exterior Pictures 3
princess-benedicte Exterior Pictures 4
princess-benedicte Exterior Pictures 5
princess-benedicte Exterior Pictures 6

Interior Pictures

princess-benedicte Interior Pictures 1
princess-benedicte Interior Pictures 2
princess-benedicte Interior Pictures 3
princess-benedicte Interior Pictures 4
princess-benedicte Interior Pictures 5
princess-benedicte Interior Pictures 6

Other Pictures

princess-benedicte Other Pictures 1
princess-benedicte Other Pictures 2
princess-benedicte Other Pictures 3
princess-benedicte Other Pictures 4
princess-benedicte Other Pictures 5
princess-benedicte Other Pictures 6

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