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At Ocean Marina Yacht Club there are many Yacht Brokers who are only too willing to give you expert advice on not only how to best market your boat for sale but also give you sound advice on purchasing a new boat. With a variety of brokers available to choose from you'll be spoiled for choice. All variety of boats are available from speedboats, fishing boats, sailing boats including the ever growing popularity of catamarans. Even custom made party boats occationally come up for sale with a very good earning oportunity for charter. Many people are now coming to the conclusion that chartering their boat when its not been used is a very good why of owning a boat, and for many reasons. Boats do carry an expense whether they are being used or not so chartering brings in a much welcomed income in some boat owers  eyes. Another advantage of chartering your boat is that a lot of the maintenance surrounding boat ownership can be managed by the charter company, Pattaya Yacht charters have been successfully managing boats for the past 6 years and there service is in some cases an invaluble tool to not only generating an supplimentary income but ensuring your boat is maintained to high standards. Just the fact that a boat is sitting in a marina for long periods of time can mean that hulls and engines can suffer from build ups of foreign substances that if left unchecked can seriously shorten the lifespan. With regular use and schedualed maintenance boats and engines can last very well at an affordable price. If left unchecked you could be in for a very costly overhaul.

If you would like to give boat ownership some serious thought come down and see the services available at Ocean Marina Yacht Club or simply pop into Pattaya Yacht Charters and their friendly staff will point you in the right direction.

Posted on 2014 Mar 20 by Pattaya Yacht Charters
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